Alex Kleyner Net Worth (2024)

Alex Kleyner, the co-founder and CEO of National Debt Relief, LLC, has made a significant impact in the financial services industry through his innovative approach to debt relief. As we explore his net worth, it’s essential to delve into his professional journey and the factors that have contributed to his financial success.

Early Life and Education

While details about Alex Kleyner’s childhood and upbringing remain relatively private, it is known that he pursued higher education at Pace University. There, he earned a Bachelor’s degree, laying the foundation for his future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Professional Career

Co-founder and CEO of National Debt Relief, LLC

Alex Kleyner’s most notable achievement is co-founding National Debt Relief, LLC, a company that has revolutionized the debt relief industry. His innovative approach to helping individuals and families overcome financial challenges has positioned the company at the forefront of the sector.

Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills

Kleyner’s strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills have been instrumental in driving the success of National Debt Relief. His ability to transform lives through effective financial solutions has earned him recognition and respect within the industry.

Alex Kleyner’s Net Worth

Estimates of Alex Kleyner’s net worth vary, with some sources suggesting a figure of $6 million as of 2024. However, given his successful ventures and significant contributions to the industry, his net worth could potentially fall within the $50-100 million range.

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Kleyner’s wealth is derived from multiple sources, including:

  1. National Debt Relief, LLC
  2. Investments and equity stakes
  3. Real estate ventures
  4. Speaking engagements and endorsements

Factors Contributing to Alex Kleyner’s Financial Success

Several key factors have played a role in Alex Kleyner’s remarkable financial success:

  • Innovative approach to debt relief
  • Strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills
  • Strategic investments and diversification
  • Dedication to helping others achieve financial freedom

These qualities have enabled him to build a thriving business and establish himself as a prominent figure in the financial services industry.

Philanthropy and Social Impact

Alex Kleyner’s success has not only benefited him personally but has also allowed him to make a positive impact on society. He supports various charitable causes and social initiatives, demonstrating his commitment to balancing wealth with social responsibility.

Personal Life and Relationships

While Alex Kleyner maintains a level of privacy regarding his personal life, it is known that he is married to Diana Ulis. He values family life and strives to maintain a healthy work-life balance while pursuing his professional goals and personal interests.

Future Prospects and Growth

As Alex Kleyner continues to lead National Debt Relief and explore new ventures, his net worth is likely to grow. His ongoing impact on the financial services industry and his dedication to helping others achieve financial stability suggest a bright future ahead.


Alex Kleyner’s impressive net worth is a testament to his innovative approach to debt relief, strong leadership skills, and unwavering commitment to helping others. His success with National Debt Relief, LLC has positioned him as a prominent figure in the financial services industry.

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Kleyner’s journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and financial professionals, demonstrating the potential for success when one combines passion, innovation, and a dedication to making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Ultimately, Alex Kleyner’s legacy is one of transforming the debt relief landscape and empowering individuals to achieve financial freedom. As he continues to drive change and growth in the industry, his net worth and influence are poised to reach even greater heights.

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